Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's worse than we thought

Blackwater. (hint: you have to click the link to understand this post.)

So this is what W. meant when he said we're on a "crusade". He meant it in the most literal way possible. It wasn't just the most spectacularly stupid oratorical blunder of the century; it was exactly what he meant.

I mean, I deplore, and yet I am comfortable with, the Cheney brand of pure evil, because it is a rational evil. But the fact that in the modern age, our government really teamed up with a psychopathic, genocidal, "crusader", has my brain a bit scrambled. We gave the dude like a billion dollars, for crying out loud.

I wonder if history will record the true abysmal depth of the George W. Bush disaster. How did a nation like ours go so horribly astray? Certainly, it is a period that should distinguish itself in the annals of monumental screw-ups.

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Jill said...

The other mercenary companies aren't much better. It is a flawed concept to put a company whose financial interests lie in the continuation of a war, in charge of bringing a war to an end.